Outdoor Wedding Reception Options


                            Buffet Style:                          2018: $44.95 per person

                                                                             2019: $48.95 per person

                               Fantasy buffet:                     2018: $50.95 per person

                                                                             2019: $56.95 per person

                                Family style dinner:            2018: $51.95 per person

                                                                             2019: $56.95 per person

                                  French style service:            2018: $56.95 per person

                                                                                2019: $61.95 per person

                                Plated service:                      2018: $58.95 per person

                                                                               2019: $63.95 per person

                               Platinum Package:                  2018: $81.50 per person

                                                                                 2019: $88.50 per person

                                Midnight buffet:                     2018: $45.00 per person

                                                                                  2019: $48.50 per person

(off site catering only 10pm or later)

*with any other catering option that is chosen, midnight buffet is $27.50 per person.

Extras and services

Chocolate fountain with seasonal fresh fruits                $4.00 per person with a minimum                        Charge of $400.00

Option one hour before dinner.

Hors D’ouvres

Passed                     $4.00 per person

Tabled                      $3.00 per person

This service runs for only one hour before dinner starts.

Other Late Midnight Options

Poutine Bar         All you can eat runs for one hour                                 $15.00 pp

Pizza and Nacho Bar      All you can eat runs for one hour                     $15.00 pp  

Sweet Bar    All you can eat runs for one hour                                             $15.00 pp

*Add another options to the original selection for an  extra $5.00 per person.

These options are available after 10pm. They are to be added with any dinner


*Also available are Specialty Items and Trays.


Option #1  Open bar

Option#2   Toonie Bar

Option #3  Cash Bar

Option #4  Non-alcoholic Bar

*Plates, Cutlery, Wine glasses, Champagne glasses,  Napkins and table cloths. Regular selections are $5.00 extra per person.( linen color white,ivory,black)

Any designer colors or floor length table cloth is a $6.50 extra per person.


 Upon booking your wedding reception with Imperio, the bride and groom will receive a hall FREE of charge for the bridal shower or for their engagement party. The Bride and Groom will also be allowed to run their own stag & doe including the bar with a Rental fee of $450.00 plus HST (@playdate facility ONLY). Imperio now offers a FREE courtesy room for your
reception day, equipped with a private washroom, storage area,and a safe.

All prices exclude taxes.  13% HST on food, hall rental and services.  13 % HST on liquor, there is no gratuity charge, but is definitely appreciated.